Upcoming MG Cars in India 2024: Gloster to Cyberster

British automobile brand MG Motors (Morris Garages) is ready to launch their upcoming cars in India in 2024 timeline.

MG Motors(Morris Garages) has so many cars in the UK but in the Indian market, we have a handful of cars. Car manufacturers trying to launch a lot of Cars in the Indian market. MG Motors Planning to launch a new Gloster and some electric vehicles.

In this post let’s discuss about upcoming MG Cars in India 2024. in MG Motors UK I got to know about the legacy of Morris Garages and some of the best sealing cars they have produced.

List MG Cars in India 2024

  1. New Gloster
  2. MG Cyberster
  3. MG EV5
  4. MG3

Next-gen MG Gloster

MG Gloster is based on Maxus D90 which is a Chinese SUV developed by Maxus which is owned by SAIC Motors. In the Australian market, we have seen testing mole that is reported by CarToq.com.

Since MG Gloster is based on Maxus D90 we have not seen any update after launch on Gloster in 2020. But now MG Motors is ready to launch one of its flagship SUVs in India.

Mg Cyberster

Mg Cyberster
MG Cyberster

MG Cyberster is an upcoming MG Motors electric vehicle. MG Cyberster is an all-new electric Sports car with a revolutionary design, combining the iconic roaster heritage with modern brand design language.

In 2024 we are going to see this amazing sports car in the Europe market. and in the UK market, we are going to see production in the summer of 2024.



MG5 is an all-new electric vehicle sold by MG Motors in the UK market. MG5 EV long range is a second generation of a fully electric estate car.

MG 5EV comes with MG Pilot which offers a lot of advanced features like Active Emergency, Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, and many more.


Mg 3

In a recent post, we discussed about upcoming hatchback in the Indian market. we featured MG3 in this article which MG Motors is planning to launch in the Indian market.

MG3 is going to compete with Maruti Suzuki Swift and other hatchbacks in the Indian market.

These are some of the MG Motors’ cars launching in the Indian market in 2024. If any report is out in the market we are going to update this post.

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