Get Excited! 5 New Tata Cars Launching in India in 2024

Tata Motors ready to launch 5 New EV SUVs and Coupe SUVs for Indian Market.

India’s favorite car company Tata Motors has outperformed after 2018 and now in 2024 brand ready for grand entry with 5 New EV’s and ICE in 2024. In this post I have listed 5 Tata Motors upcoming cars in India.

From Punch EV to Tata motors ambitious project car Tata Sierra EV all coming soon in Indian Market. Now Brand focus on Electric Vehicle.

Upcoming Tata Motors cars launching in India

  1. Tata Punch EV
  2. Tata Curvv EV & ICE
  3. Tata Harrier EV & Petrol
  4. Tata Safari EV
  5. Tata Sierra EV

Tata Punch EV

Tata Punch.ev is a one upcoming Tata motors car in Indian market. After success of Tata Punch, we are going to see this best-selling car from Tata into EV. According to there is a rumor that it’s launching at December 21, 2024.

So, if you are looking for affordable Electric car 🚙 then you can wait for this upcoming tata motors Punch.ev in India.

Tata Curvv EV & ICE

In 2023 we seen Tata Curvv concept in Auto Expo 2023. Now we are seeing spy shots of Tata Curvv EV and ICE. Tata Curvv is a coupe SUV coming in India in 2024.

It’s one of first affordable coupe SUV for Indian market. According to Autocar India we going to see Curvv EV launch this year.

Tata Harrier EV & Petrol

Tata Harrier is one of the best-selling SUV from Tata Motors. and we are getting lot of reports from reputable publications that we are going to see Tata Harrier EV before Petrol version.

Tata Motors is ready for electric vehicles convert for every best-selling car.

Tata Safari EV

Safari is one of best-selling premium SUV for long time. We have seen old safari and now latest version Safari comes with lot premium features.

Now Safari is getting in electric version in 2024. Around 31lakh we are going to see base model of Tata Safari EV.

Tata Sierra EV

Tata Sierra is one of best concept car from Tata Motors. Now we are getting reports that New Tata Sierra EV ready to go into production with 5-door design.

These are some of upcoming tata motors cars coming to Indian market in 2024-25. Personally, I am waiting for Tata Sierra Ev launch.

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