Upcoming Hatchback Cars in India 2024: From Swift to VW Polo

After SUVs, we have seen growth in Hatchback so let's deep dive into Upcoming Hatchback cars in India 2024

The hatchback car segment in India is going to see some exciting new options in 2024. Five anticipated models coming next year are Volkswagen Polo MG 4EV, MG 3, and updated Maruti Suzuki Swift.

New 2024 hatchbacks promise fresh styling, upgraded interiors, the latest tech features, and efficient engine options to meet upcoming emissions norms.

Some will also provide all-electric variants catering to growing preference for EVs. Let’s deep dive into Upcoming hatchback cars in India 2024.

List of Upcoming Hatchback Cars in India 2024

  1. Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024
  2. Volkswagen Polo 2024
  3. MG 4 EV
  4. MG 3

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024

One of the best-selling premium hatchbacks is Maruti Suzuki Swift. Now Maruti Suzuki planning to upgrade their best-selling Hatchback in Indian market. 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift going to come with some minor cosmetic changes and some tweaks in Interiors.

Hopefully this time Maruti Upgrade some safety features, so we get high scores in Safety Ratings✨. Because we don’t want best-selling products comes in Unsafe cars of India.

Volkswagen Polo 2024

Volkswagen Polo 2024

If we talk about best hatchback in terms of Performance and Drag race, then VW Polo comes always first. After some govt norms we have seen discontinue of polo for some time and we are hoping Volkswagen India bring our old Polo back in Indian market.

Some report suggesting that VW planning to revive their best-selling Hatchback bring back in India Since old Polo is outdated and never upgrade to new model that sold in Global market.


Mg 4ev

In UK market MG sell this amazing EV (electric vehicle) Hatchback but we have not seen this amazing EV in India from MG Motors. We are hoping that brand bring this affordable EV hatchback in India.

We are lacking in EV infrastructure but all brand trying their best to bring EV stations to Indian market. So, in 2024 we are going see lot of car launch from MG Motors and it’s one of them.

MG 3

Mg 3

MG 3 is a value for money ice engine hatchback from MG Motors in Uk and global market. Some report suggesting that MG Motors is trying to bring this affordable hatchback in country.

Indian Hatchbacks market has good competition and MG motors is trying to win with good affordable features rich car launch. So hope for the best that they bring this car in India.

These are some of the best Upcoming Hatchback Cars in India 2024. So let’s wait and watch which hatchback rule Indian market that are shifting towards SUVs.

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