Tata Motors Unveiled Upcoming 5+ Pure EV Cars In India on acti.ev Platform

Tata.ev unveiled upcoming 5+ Pure electric vehicle based on acti.ev architecture.

Tata Motors recently opened booking for Punch.ev with all pure ev architecture which is acti.ev platform. In recent Platform marketing videos, they have unveiled that Tata.ev is getting 5+ pure EV cars on this platform.

Tata.ev unveiled its first pure ev architecture which is acti.ev (advanced connected tech intelligent electric vehicle architecture). This Platform is for ev cars so We get 4 layers including transmission, chassis, electrical architecture, and Cloud Architecture.

In a recent promotional video of Punch.ev Tata Motors presented Pure EV architecture acti.ev in that video we get to know that Tata Motors is planning to launch 5+ Pure EV cars based on this amazing platform.

Pure EV Platform activ.ev benefits

Pure ev architecture is so amazing because it’s built for ev so car manufacturers can feature everything they want like body types of cars, FWD, RWD, and AWD so you can hope for AWD vehicles in the future from Tata Motors.

Upcoming EV Cars build using activ.ev Platform

Tata Motors has unveiled 4 concept cars which are Avinya, Curvv, Harrier.ev, and Sierra.ev so we are hoping that all upcoming ev cars will feature the Pure EV Platform.

In this article, we share about upcoming ev cars from Tata Motors featuring pure ev architecture activ.ev which is modular and feature-rich.

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