Why Tata Hexa Failed: A Detailed Analysis

Tata Motors is one of India’s largest automobile manufacturers and with Hexa, they hope to capture the SUV market. However, the car failed to make an impact in the Indian market. So in this post, we gonna see some reasons why Tata Hexa Failed in the Indian Market.

Why Tata Hexa Failed

Hexa is a premium SUV from Tata that launched in 2017 with launches features and powerful diesel engine. But Tata Hexa failed after 3 year. In this article we gonna explore the reasons behind the Failure of Tata Hexa in India.

why tata hexa failed

1. Tata Hexa Problems

Tata Hexa had some major problems in long run and at that time tata is known for being unreliable because of that brand perception in the public Hexa failed. Also In just 3 years, Tata shut down production. I genuinely think Hexa is ahead of its time and failed. Some Quora users reported that after 40,000KM they faced Engine Head Leaks.

2. Poor Marketing Strategy

In my observation I noticed that before Tata Harrier they had poor marketing strategy. Because when brand can’t Identify his customers that product gonna fail. So if they market in Right way this had potential to hit. that’s one of the reason why Tata Hexa failed.

3. Design Flaws

Tata Focused on Exterior and Engine but in design it’s looks great but when hexa gone in production it’s failed and had major panel gaps and fit and finish is not great around 20lakhs. So when customer see vehicle they feel it first so when you have inconsistent gaps that is bad for sale of vehicle.

Competitors in Market

In this space there is lot of cars available from all brand that because of that tata motors not able to compete with them and eventually its let to fail of tata Hexa in India.

Poor After-sales Service

We all known that After-Sales Service is very important factor for customers satisfaction but that time tata struggling in but now tata improved a lot but customer hope for best treatment when you go service centre.

Conclusion on Why Tata Hexa Failed

In this article I share why tata hexa failed in Indian market. but nowadays when I see this car on roads it’s feels good because it’s look good when you get that powerful vehicle but now you can’t buy it.

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