4 Secret Reason Why Mahindra Xylo Failed

Mahindra is known for its SUVs like Scorpio, Bolero, Thar, and XUV but Mahindra also gives us vehicles like Marazzo, Xylo, and the list goes on and on. So in this post, we gonna find out why Mahindra Xylo Failed in the Indian Market.

Here in this post we going to use real users data from community websites like Quora where anyone can post so Mahindra Xylo Users raised complaints against Xylo which is featured in this post.

Why Mahindra Xylo Failed

Similar to Marazzo Xylo is not able to make its own space in the MUV market. Since other competitor offers great comfort and great performance with good looking.

According to my research on Mahindra Xylo competing in commercial and rural market and in that space already Maruti and Toyota had upper hand.

why xylo failed

Here are some reasons Why Mahindra Xylo Failed:

  • Product Placement: a lot of users on Quora complain that Mahindra become their competitor because, at the same price, Mahindra also sells different and better products then why would someone gonna buy that car and let it fail Mahindra Xylo?
  • Unable to Find Market: now days we see Mahindra know which market gonna perform better and they desgin there’s product for that need. but with Xylo that’s not the case.
  • Problems with Xylo: Mahindra forget about centre of gravity and they build tall and big vehicle which can’t run in triple digit number. And lot of complaints about engine too. customers not happy with there’s product and that lead to discontinue of Xylo.
  • The market shift for SUVs: we all know people buying only SUVs nowadays led to Xylo’s failure. Since Mahindra is known for its SUV but when they try to enter into other marketers they always get flailed products.

Conclusion on Why Xylo Failed

Mahindra Xylo was great product for rural market of India but they failed to market it and they Failed. Also there is lot of competition from big brands like Toyota and Since Mahindra Xylo only focused on Space and that was Unappealing for wide rang of customers.

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