Smartphone Maker Xiaomi can Bring their latest EV into Indian Market?

From Smartphone maker to Carmaker Xiaomi has unveiled upcoming C-class high-performance sedan.

Xiaomi is known for Smartphone in Indian market but they make everything that you can imagine in homegrown Chinese market. Now they have unveiled their C-class high-performance Eco-tech Sedan. Reports saying that Xiaomi planing to release in Chinese market in 2024.

Xiaomi has Unveiled their latest product website in Chinese language if you wanna known then you can visit Xiaomi Car website which is you can visit. If you have questions similar to me that when Xiaomi launching their all new electric vehicle in Indian market.

Will Xiaomi unveiling SU7 in India Market

Xiaomi Su7
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Upcoming Xiaomi SU7 is not just a simple electric vehicle but they are bringing first in class features and powerful electric motor which run on 27200rpm and they called Xiaomi Super Motor.

If we talk about Xiaomi SU7 India launch we have not confirmed data on because right now we have seen only Chinese website. First Xiaomi focusing on home market which is China. So if any update come when Xiaomi unveil globally we are going to Update you in News section.

Xiaomi SU7: Everything We Knows

Xiaomi SU7 comes with smart cockpit where they integrated Xiaomi HyperOS for smart features. Xiaomi developed their own driving technology with AI. Xiaomi SU7 Features 800v Silicon carbide high voltage and Xiaomi Hyper Engine where they features 27200rpm Super Motor for speed.

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