Explore the Amazing bike collection of MSK Vlogs in 2023

Here's the most expensive bike collection of MSK vlogs. recently they added Honda bigwigs Africa Twin in their collection.

On their birthday, MSK Bhai recently added a new bike to their bike collection, Africa twin by Honda BigWing. In this post, we are going to take a look at the Amazing bike collection of MSK vlogs(Mohammed Salim Khan).

MSK is known for riding big bikes like Tiger from triumph motorcycles and doing Vlogging. MSK is Mumbai based vlogger and MSK achieved what they want in just the last 6 years before that, it did a lot of hustle.

Bike collection of MSK Vlogs in 2023

Msk(Mohammed Salim Khan) owns Hero xpluse 200 4v, Triumph tiger and now they added Honda BigWing Africa Twin. In their bike collection. And if talk about the Car collection of MSK then they own Toyota Fortuner and they had Polo but they sold it.

Msk owns these 3 big bikes

  • Triumph tiger 800 xcx
  • Honda BIgwing Africa Twin
  • Hero Xpulse 200 4v

Also, MSK owns Toyota Fortuner and with this, they completed an All India trip to all heritage sites. And recently they added venom to their collection.

Triumph Tiger 800 xcx


Triumph tiger 800 xcx is added to the collection around 3 years before and this bike with this bike they traveled around India and they have a full top-loaded bike.

Triumph is a British Adventure bike brand that is focused on Adventure. With the help of this, we can achieve any routh where we imagine to go. Tiger 800 xcx is one of the favorite bike collection of MSK.

Feature of Triumph Tiger 800 xcx

  • Fuel type – Petrol
  • Power and Torque – 94 bhp @ 9,500 rpm, 79 Nm @ 8,050 rpm
  • Liquid-cooled system
  • Chain Drive Transmission
  • 3-cylinder 800cc engine

Honda BigWing Africa Twin


Recently Africa Twin(Venom) get into a bike collection of msk vlogs. this beast is known for its performance and adventures. with Africa twins, we can do long trips so easily because we don’t have to shift gears. After all, it’s an automatic machine.

Africa twin can handle any routs that’s the reason it’s so poplar in Adventure bike comunity.

Features of Africa Twin

Hero xpulse 200 4v


Xpluse 200 4v is the most affordable adventure bike which you can add to your bike collection. last year MSK vlogs added Hero xpulse 200 4v to his bike collection.

Hero xpulse 200 4v is one of my favorites bikes and if we talk about with relly edition then this bike can become beast into off road trails.

If we talk about Bike collection of Msk vlogs then this bike is most affordable and less CC engine bike.

Feautres of Hero xpulse 200 4v

  • 200cc engine bike wit 40kmpl milage
  • Fuel tank of 13 liters.
  • Great ground clearance for Off roading.

Car collection of MSk vlogs

Msk vlogs own Forturner from toyoto motors. In last birthday they purchase it and I think torture is most favraute Car that you can own if you love to do long routes like msk do.

some FAQ about bike collection of msk vlogs

Which bike does MSK have?

MSK vlogs has 3 bikes in there collection we hope for more bikes into there collections. which is Africa Twin, Tiger 800xcx, and Xpulse 2004v.


Here we share bike collection of MSk vlogs and I hope you loved it. and we hope msk bhai include more bikes into there collection. Also if you want to more bike collections of your favourate create then we gonna write it for you.

If you have any quiy regarding to bike collection and car collection then you can contact us.

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