Car Collection of Crazy XYZ(Amit Sharma) in 2023

Crazy XYZ is known for its experiment channel where they showcase science experiments. They also own many cars, so here’s a car collection of Crazy XYZ aka Amit Sharma.

Car Collection of Crazy XYZ

Recently they showcased his car collection worth 5 Crore in Indian Rupees. so take a look at the crazy XYZ car collection.

Crazy XYZ Own Maruti 800, Old Safari, Hyundai Santro, Bolero Camper, Tata Sumo, Mahindra Marshal, New Tata Safari, Maruti Wangnar, Audi Q3, Hyundai i20, Mercedes GLE 450 AMG coupe Biturbo 4Matic, Old Scorpio, Escorts JCB, Truck, 2 Ford tractor, Maruti Omni, Mahindra Commander, Buses, ATV, and lot more.

In total Crazy, XYZ owns almost 27 Cars here’s a complete list of car collections with Details:

Mercedes GLE 450 Coupe biturbo 4Matic

Mercedes GLE 450 Coupe is one of the most favorite Machine of Crazy XYZ but now Mercedes discontinued this model it is so good in its category here are the specifications:

Price₹ 91.49 Lakh
Engine2996 cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Seating Capacity5

Audi Q3

Crazy XYZ

Crazy XYZ owns Audi Q3 and which is worth about ₹ 50 Lakh this is the second most expensive car in Crazy XYZ’s car collection. Here are the specifications of Audi Q3:

Engine1984 cc
Power And Torque188 bhp & 320Nm
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission & DriveTrainAWD
Seating Capacity5

Tata Safari(New Model)

In-car collection of Crazy XYZ we can see the New Tata Safari Top variant and own this car before AUDI and Mercedes and it’s a dream come true SUV for them.

Here’s the Specification of the new Tata Safari

Power and Torque167.67 bhp

Mahindra Camper

Mahindra Camper is known for its capability of going anywhere and we can see in Crazy XYZ videos how they use Mahindra Camper this looks so powerful and we can use it anywhere.

Seating capacity5

Old Safari

Everyone’s Favrout OG Safari was a dream for every middle-class boy we can see so many experiments on Old safari as well. It comes with offroad capability and Luxury at that time. here’s a specification of the Old Tata Safari

Fuel TypePetrol

Hyundai i20

In the car collection of Crazy XYZ, we can see the Hyundai i20 which is my favorite Hatchback. they use this car for personal use and here is some specification of the Hyundai i20:

Seating Capacity5

Maruti 800

Suzuki Maruti 800 was the most popular car in Indian Market and on this car, and we can see a lot of Experiments on Youtube. In-car collection of Crazy XYZ we gonna see it’s on First place and nowadays it’s cheap to buy.

Seating Capacity5

Hyundai Santro

Hyundai Santro comes into competition with Maruti 800 and in the Car collection of Crazy XYZ we can see it and they use it for personal and experimental purposes as they need.

Power 68.05bhp

Tata Sumo

Tata sumo was the most popular vehicle in Indian History and we can see this old OG vehicle on the roads to date In ruler areas of India we can see a lot of sumo for taxi and offroad purposes.

Other Vehicles of Crazy XYZ

In the car collection of Crazy XYZ, we can see a lot of Old vehicles which was Damaged in Experiments and they just use for more experiments we don’t include the Bike collection of Crazy XYZ but they also own a lot of Bikes, and some Heavy vehicle like JCB, Trucks, Buses, Tractors, and many more.

Recently showcased Crazy XYZ his Car collection we take this Info directly from them and maybe they Include more vehicles in their garage.

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