Inside the Impressive Bike Collection of Jatt Prabhjot in 2023

Jatt Prabhjot is Indian Youtuber who makes Lifestyle Vlogs on YouTube and shares great content that I like also. But Jatt Prabhjot loves to ride rare bikes a lot so we can say that they are riders by heart. So In this post, we goanna discuss the bike collection of Jatt Prabhjot.

Bike Collection of Jatt Prabhjot

Jatt Prabhjot owns a total of 6 bikes 🚲 From that 2 bikes are imported and some exotic bikes. Jatt Prabhjot own Husqvarna 610, Honda CRF, Kawasaki H2, BMW 1250 GSA, Kawasaki Z900, Hero Xpulse 200.

Also, Jatt Prabhjot owns Maruti Suzuki Swift and Modified Gypsy. Also before the Jatt Prabhjot Nepal accident, they build Caravan but after the accident, they decide to sell that.

BMW R 1250 GSA

Jatt Prabhjot own BMW R 1250 GS which is cost around 23lakh and this one is premium touring bike by BMW Motorrad. It’s fully loaded bike with all necessary accessories.

Some notable features of BMW R 1250 GSA:

  • Dynamic ESA for optimal handling in Diffrent Road conditions.
  • Keyless Ride system for convenience and security.
  • TFT Display for easy access to Information and settings.

Kawasaki Ninja H2

Jatt Prabhjot

Kawasaki Ninja H2 is Hight Performance Sports bike which known for it’s speed and aerodynamic body. Personally this bike my favourite just because it’s amazing for rider.

Some Notable features of Kawasaki Ninja H2:

  • 998cc Supercharged Inline-Four engine
  • High-tech electronics like quick shifter, launch control and multiple riding modes,
  • Lightweight trellis frame and carbon fibber bodywork for improved handling and aerodynamics.

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Conclusion on Jatt Prabhjot Bike Collection

Jatt Prabhjot owns all of these bikes and they currently taking treatment because they were caught in an accident in Nepal they are taking some time to recover but love the bike you can still see after the accident in Nepal.

So these are bikes from the bike collection of Jatt Prabhjot. And it’s going to cost a lot but we all love these bikes and hope for Jatt Prabhjot’s fast recovery.

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